1. You will require a keyword, reliable and a wing-man. Everyone knows what a wing-man is and its importance in the pickup field. A wing man is someone that will help you get the best women in any circumstances that might seem impossible. All this might seem impossible to you, but with a pickup artist you will forget the word difficult with no time. We all need someone we can fully rely on and that is the whole point. Forums are the best places of meeting people in your area that are struck same as you are.
  2. You are going to need some style because women can’t be attracted when you’re looking like Dr. Sheldon Cooper. When you reach your PUA career point it might seem like what you wear does not matter but that’s not merely the case because you’re are reading this article. You need some new techniques to boost your confidence, and that is why women tend to read many fashion articles. Let that one girlfriend you have to take you out shopping. It will help you start the game not looking like George Clooney or someone going for an interview for the playboy magazine. As suggested by misery, there’s one essential accessory that does the trick. You need a bright scarf or hat and women won’t help but start a conversation with you. It is also suggested that the cap should have a good story behind it when she asks. Like for example, you can say you bought it to help a starving homeless man in Africa.
  3. Being consistent in your word pays off. Just like someone doing their masters won’t be skipping lectures and flaking out dissertation research so be diligent in your quest if you want to be the master and don ‘t just give up because of getting an F one night. From your consistent field practice, just keep reading and learn more about the field.
  4. Getting over your anxiety might not be easy as said, but you will have to actually get over it. Eventually it will be your number one game killer. No matter how long you have been doing it, it does not just go away like that. It’s the harsh truth. Regardless of how many women you’ve been with, some men still feels it. Do not be your own enemy just let it go since you were not going to marry her anyway! Just don’t let her destroy your self-esteem. If you need the tips of getting over your anxiety you can keep reading this page.
  5. You need an attitude of fun and playful. This is just like a game so you actually don’t need to be serious or boring. Don’t act like strikeout is a big deal because that way you will kill the vibe before you even get started. Women like the fun vibe conversation so keep the going and bam you are going to have a good night just like that.
  6. Getting a master PUA is a significant achievement but you also need to get a life. Having a life is when you have something to talk about with a girl. It’s supposed to work if you start throwing parties and having circle of friends that will also start being part of your cool life. These technique for PUA’s will work best.
  7. At your disposal, you can use repertoire strategies to be able to match your game with that the universe presents you with. Keep learning new skills because the ones you have might not work for you all the times. Being good at this is when knowing what technique to use at what part. Even the masters in psychology learn a lot of techniques and not just one.
  8. Don’t be so caring about how the outcome might be, just be direct and laid back. Women don’t care what page they are one, they just want to know what page you’re on. So by being direct you will get her to think that you might be little different. The direct approach means you don’t really care whether she says no or yes but it will get her to say yes sooner. So don’t just sit there and say it won’t work, go try it.
  9. There will be someone who is better at this game than you so don’t hate the game or the player. There is always competition, and that is life, but that should not stop you or hold you back.
  10. Develop a daily routine that will help you approach the anxiety. The routine will increase your rate effectively with the practice run. Just generate conversations without expecting success or anything. This is a form of finding out what works best and put in on a routine.

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